Broose Johnson

Illustrator • Story Artist • Designer

Voice Actor • Writer

Race Rexter ©Broose Johnson

Scribbles, Logos, and Dinosaurs in Space!

Welcome to MooseDaddy Productions!

I’m Broose Johnson – an artist with 35 years of experience in the animation industry as an animator, story artist, character designer, art director, writer and even voice actor.  


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Dinosaurs in Space!

Join Race and the AstroSaurus Corps in my first young adult novel-

On his way to college, wheelchair-confined Race Rexter is mysteriously transported to an alternate dimension where animals talk, humans are the stuff of myth, and he, inexplicably, is now a legless Tyrannosaurus Rex! As if that were not enough, he is arrested as a spy by a security force called the AstroSaurus Corps and harassed by the Triceratops whose ship he transported into. Somehow, he must convince these beasts to return him to his own universe to rescue his father– if they can.”


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